společnost, fenomény
historie, umění
alternativa, vnitřní cesty
světová beletrie
česká beletrie

pohádky, komiksy

erotická literatura


The dybbuk publishing house produces books intended mostly for more demanding readers, who find excitement in reading and thinking. Our books strive to transmit this experience in every way possible. The titles originate mainly in the margins and edges of literary genres,
whether it is a literature of minority language areas, or whether it expresses unusual way
of thinking or possibly controversial attitude to various phenomena.
It is always, though, a quality literature.



It is not certain, whether the dybbuk is male, female or if it is creature of an androgynous nature. What is sure, is that contrary to legends it is not evil. Dybbuk likes to stir people, taunt them and wake them up from their lethargy. Very often it tries to point out something or show way to transformation. In this case with the help of books, particularly of  what they contain. Dybbuk does not have a physical shape. It can be found more or less everywhere and it can be perceived by all senses or by something found beyond the senses.


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